Monday, 30 March 2015

My lazy weekend and a Mind charity event

This weekend has been my laziest weekend in months. I have been so drained from work, travelling and socialising that I needed a rest. I had booked a three day weekend off work (forgetting that I had a four day weekend coming up) and the only thing I had planned was to go to my friend's charity event,

I decided to bake some pretty pink butterfly cakes to sell for what I thought was a Cancer Research event, but turned out it was actually for Mind. I looked like a fool, typical me. Anyway, when I was weighing the ingredients, my scales decided to brake so I had to measure everything out using a mug. Luckily, they ended up tasting and looking delicious and went down a storm with everyone. In total, £1625 was raised through generous donations and the auctioning of multiple people. Great night.

Baking Butterfly Cakes - Bearded CoutureFriends - Bearded Couture

Mind Charity Event - Bearded CoutureBaking Butterfly Cakes - Bearded Couture

The rest of my weekend involved food and Netflix. As of Thursday I decided to start watching Lost again as I never finished watching the whole series when it moved channels all those years ago. I know right, better late than never? I have watched nearly 34 episodes in 4 days, which is around 1530 minutes of my life gone but a pretty good effort in my eyes. I am actually really excited to finish watching it all! I also decided to make a full English breakfast and buy a Nando's. Fatty.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

ASOS menswear summer fashion wishlist

With summer on it's way and my holiday with the boys fast approaching, I thought I should take a look online to get some ideas for potential outfits. 

I literally haven't bought a new item of clothing in 4 months and my wardrobe is looking quite sad. I decided to pick out 8 key items from the menswear range at ASOS which I could mix and match with each other and with items I already own. 

ASOS Menswear Summer Wishlist

Religion T-Shirt with Tartan Front - £33
2xH Brothers Shorts - £55
Asics Gel-Saga Trainers - £85
Herschel Supply Co 21L Settlement Backpack - £55

Friday, 27 March 2015

Lush beauty haul product review

The smells have finally drawn me in and I am proud to say that I am now a Lush fanatic. 

My first purchase happened a few weeks ago when I took the plunge and got a 500g bottle of shower gel called 'It's Raining Men'. Even though it was a bit costly at £15.95, the ingredients within were worth the price. I have eczema in numerous places on my body and this shower gel has definitely helped to soothe and retain its natural moisture. It also leaves my body smelling of honey, gods sweet sweet nectar, throughout the whole day. What more could you ask for?

Lush Beauty Product Haul Review - Bearded Couture

 This then led me to buy a number of face cleansers and the Happy Bathday gift set. This cost £25.95 and is perfect for any friend or family member. It contains 6 different bath time accessories including three bath bombs (Fizzbanger, Granny Takes a Dip and Dragon's Egg) two bubble bars (Pop in the Bath and Brightside) and Red (a 4 in 1 product). The picture below is of the Granny Takes a Dip bath bomb in all its glory. It is scented with ginger, pepper and lemon and smells amazing. It also leaves your bath water purple - what fun!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

My weekend travel adventure in Oslo, Norway

Last weekend I went on my second adventure of the year to Oslo in Norway. I think it was the prettiest city I have ever visited. I have always wanted to go there so when we found return flights for £20 each whilst on our trip to Ireland, we couldn't resist. 

We rallied up a group of 8 people, 6 Australians and 2 Brits as seen in the selfie below, and stayed in an awesome apartment from Airbnb which was so close to the city centre. 

Weekend trip to Oslo Norway - Bearded CoutureOslo Norway - Bearded Couture

We arrived fairly late to our accommodation on the Friday night but stayed up and drank a lot of vodka purchased from duty free. Getting alcohol from duty free is a great tip if you are going to Norway as a pint of beer was around £8. Ouch. Despite a slight hangover the next day, we got up early and went to a coffee shop across the road and had the best bagels ever. Great start to the day.

After a bit of a wonder through the city centre, we found our way to the Oslo Opera House which is an incredible bit of architecture and then moved onto the Akershus Fortress to make the most of our cultural experience. We ended up chilling at Oslo harbour for a few hours as it was amazing in the sunshine and very picturesque before going for lunch and then back to the apartment.

Michael James Taylor - Bearded CoutureMichael James Taylor - Bearded Couture

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Just call me Mary Berry - Baking wishlist

In my last post you would have seen that I've volunteered to help organise 'The Great Performics Bake Off 2015' and ever since putting my name down, I have become obsessed. I have become obsessed with all things bakeware and pretty. 

I have always dreamt of having a little cottage in the country with a kitchen draped from floor to ceiling in Cath Kidston. This addiction was sparked by my cheeky little apron number that I got from John Lewis... It suits me don't you think?

Michael James Taylor - Bearded Couture

Whilst looking around the shops recently, I noticed that there was so much bakeware that I wanted. I fell in love with quite a lot of items in Wilkos, which may not quite be Cath Kidston, but these four beauties below were my favourite and came to a total of £23.50. Bargain! The scales are the best, I fall hard for anything with a vintage feel and pastel colour. Also, a steal at £2.50.

Baking Wishlist - Bearded Couture

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Beauty products - March's empty bottles

Now, not every man is into looking as pristine as me before they leave the house. I guess being a perfectionist can be a bit of a downfall and seem like hard work but hey ho, I like to look my best.

I don't spend an awful lot of money on products to keep myself looking presentable because I don't really use that much. If my friends are reading this they will probably disagree but it is actually true!

Beauty Products Empty Bottles - Bearded Couture

The product that I use the most is aftershave. I think I have a problem with it as I normally shower myself in it's glorious scent and then run out within a month. However, I have shocked myself because my "old school" Diesel aftershave has lasted me from Christmas until March. Mother would be proud. I was a bit gutted about running out of this one though as it's now discontinued and the only place I could find it was in Savers. But now they have also stopped selling it. I am gutted as it was my favourite. I need to find a new scent now which is equally as sweet and fruity. Suggestions? GO.

Next is hairspray. I am a loyal fan to TRESemmé Freeze Hold and have been for years. I tend to go through one of these a month. I know I have short hair but I don't like it when it moves. There is always a spare one waiting in the back of my cupboard. 

Staying with the hair theme, I am also a huge fan of John Frieda's Luxurious Volume range and use quite a few of these products on my hair. It gives me the volume I need and also gives my hair the right texture to play with.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Bonjour, une hamburger se il vous plaît - Restaurant Review

Earlier this week I decided to go on a bit of a healthy eating diet ready for my summer holiday with the lads in June. However, this diet lasted one hour. Thanks Big Fernand.

We got told that for the opening of their new restaurant on Percy Street, they were going to give away 100 free burgers for the first 100 people through their doors on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.. The catch was, you had to look French.

So the next day, the work crew and I came in wearing stripes (obviously). We left for lunch early, even though we work across the road, to make sure that we were first in the queue, I would have been devastated if we got there late! 

Big Fernand Food Review - Bearded Couture

The staff at Big Fernand were so incredibly friendly and loved that we all made an effort to try and look a little bit French. The queue started getting so big that it went around the corner and everyone was staring at us and wondering why we were queuing. 

At 12pm we were finally allowed in and given our free burger and chips. Heaven. I chose Le Bartholomé (beef burger) which was amazing and the chips were probably the best chips I have tasted in a long time. 

Saturday, 14 March 2015

To be sure, to be sure - My trip to Dublin, Ireland

When I was younger I used to hate flying. My ears popped so bad that I couldn't hear for days after. However, now I love it and this year I have decided to go on as many holidays as possible to try to see the world and (finally) get cultured.

When my boyfriend suggested to go to Dublin for a weekend I was very game. I have always wanted to go to Ireland to mingle with the Irish, drink Guinness and find those pesky leprechauns. We found a really nice apartment on Airbnb (which you can find here and would highly recommend) close to central Dublin. It was perfect. Flights were quite expensive but that was my fault leaving it too long to book.

We got there fairly late on Saturday night so we just went to sleep. Boring I know, but woke up early on Sunday, had brunch and went to Dublin Zoo. If you are friends with me, you will know that I love a good zoo. I was a bit disappointed though as a lot of the animals were hiding/have escaped or something as we didn't see many. 

Bearded Couture

Once we had finished we went to Phoenix Park to see the Wellington Monument and then ventured onto the Guinness Storehouse. I love alcohol so this is the perfect place for me. We walked around, found out how Guinness was made, then discovered the tasting rooms and that you could pour your own pint. Perfect, any excuse for a drink. I used to work in a bar so obviously I was a pro.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Where does it all begin?

It begins here.

Hey guys, welcome to my new blog. I just wanted to thank all of my fans... lol jks.

This blog will be all about my champagne party lifestyle in London on a beer budge. You will find blog posts about fashion, outfits, days out, holidays, cooking & more but to start with, here is a little bit about me. 

1) Full Name: Michael James Taylor
2) Age: 24
3) Job: Content Strategist
4) Favourite Beverage: Ermm cider and black or a solero cocktail
5) Coffee or Tea: Chai tea?
6) Favourite City: Amsterdam
7) Describe Yourself in Three Words: Outgoing bearded perfectionist 
8) Safety Outfit: Black Vans, grey socks, skinny black jeans, white tee and a denim jacket 
9) Strange Fact That Few People Know About You: I was once in a Spice Girls dance club when I was 6...
10) I Started Blogging Because: I have wanted to for a few years and after several attempts, now is the time

I hope you enjoy stalking my life and feel free to get in touch - I love to chat!


Bearded Couture