Saturday, 21 March 2015

Just call me Mary Berry - Baking wishlist

In my last post you would have seen that I've volunteered to help organise 'The Great Performics Bake Off 2015' and ever since putting my name down, I have become obsessed. I have become obsessed with all things bakeware and pretty. 

I have always dreamt of having a little cottage in the country with a kitchen draped from floor to ceiling in Cath Kidston. This addiction was sparked by my cheeky little apron number that I got from John Lewis... It suits me don't you think?

Michael James Taylor - Bearded Couture

Whilst looking around the shops recently, I noticed that there was so much bakeware that I wanted. I fell in love with quite a lot of items in Wilkos, which may not quite be Cath Kidston, but these four beauties below were my favourite and came to a total of £23.50. Bargain! The scales are the best, I fall hard for anything with a vintage feel and pastel colour. Also, a steal at £2.50.

Baking Wishlist - Bearded Couture

George at Asda also have a great collection of cheaper bakeware and pretty kitchen bits which I am tempted to buy. This handmade tea towel and pink ceramic mixing bowl came to £10. Amazing. 

Baking Wishlist - Bearded Couture

I know this post isn't going to appeal to everyone so sorry for boring you but as a Mary Berry wannabe, I have no shame.

I hope these new editions will help my next batch of butterfly cakes to look even prettier.

Butterfly Cakes - Bearded Couture

Remember bakers, it’s all in the wrist action.