Monday, 30 March 2015

My lazy weekend and a Mind charity event

This weekend has been my laziest weekend in months. I have been so drained from work, travelling and socialising that I needed a rest. I had booked a three day weekend off work (forgetting that I had a four day weekend coming up) and the only thing I had planned was to go to my friend's charity event,

I decided to bake some pretty pink butterfly cakes to sell for what I thought was a Cancer Research event, but turned out it was actually for Mind. I looked like a fool, typical me. Anyway, when I was weighing the ingredients, my scales decided to brake so I had to measure everything out using a mug. Luckily, they ended up tasting and looking delicious and went down a storm with everyone. In total, £1625 was raised through generous donations and the auctioning of multiple people. Great night.

Baking Butterfly Cakes - Bearded CoutureFriends - Bearded Couture

Mind Charity Event - Bearded CoutureBaking Butterfly Cakes - Bearded Couture

The rest of my weekend involved food and Netflix. As of Thursday I decided to start watching Lost again as I never finished watching the whole series when it moved channels all those years ago. I know right, better late than never? I have watched nearly 34 episodes in 4 days, which is around 1530 minutes of my life gone but a pretty good effort in my eyes. I am actually really excited to finish watching it all! I also decided to make a full English breakfast and buy a Nando's. Fatty.

Watching Lost on Netflix - Bearded CoutureCooking Full English - Bearded Couture

Nandos Butterfly Chicken - Bearded Couture

I need to get that free whole chicken.