Wednesday, 25 March 2015

My weekend travel adventure in Oslo, Norway

Last weekend I went on my second adventure of the year to Oslo in Norway. I think it was the prettiest city I have ever visited. I have always wanted to go there so when we found return flights for £20 each whilst on our trip to Ireland, we couldn't resist. 

We rallied up a group of 8 people, 6 Australians and 2 Brits as seen in the selfie below, and stayed in an awesome apartment from Airbnb which was so close to the city centre. 

Weekend trip to Oslo Norway - Bearded CoutureOslo Norway - Bearded Couture

We arrived fairly late to our accommodation on the Friday night but stayed up and drank a lot of vodka purchased from duty free. Getting alcohol from duty free is a great tip if you are going to Norway as a pint of beer was around £8. Ouch. Despite a slight hangover the next day, we got up early and went to a coffee shop across the road and had the best bagels ever. Great start to the day.

After a bit of a wonder through the city centre, we found our way to the Oslo Opera House which is an incredible bit of architecture and then moved onto the Akershus Fortress to make the most of our cultural experience. We ended up chilling at Oslo harbour for a few hours as it was amazing in the sunshine and very picturesque before going for lunch and then back to the apartment.

Michael James Taylor - Bearded CoutureMichael James Taylor - Bearded Couture

Here I am wearing a grandad style blue jumper from a charity shop in Bristol, black Vans, Burberry scarf, sunglasses from Topman, black skinny jeans and a sheepskin collared denim jacket from Primark.

Olso Norway - Bearded CoutureOlso Norway - Bearded Couture

After a good hours nap, we woke up and got ready for our big night out. After one drink I felt rather tipsy again (probably topping up from the night before) but powered through the drinking games, trying to drink the Aussies under the table. However, this failed miserably. I ended up getting too drunk and forgetting my ID which led me getting refused entry. A famous Norwegian kebab and my bed had to do instead. At least I still look 'young'. 

Oslo Norway - Bearded CoutureOslo Norway - Bearded Couture

I don't remember going to bed but I woke up fully clothed and still intoxicated. It must have been a good night. However, not only did I wake up to a horrible hangover, but I also woke up to snow. SNOW. I was so excited as I have never seen snow fall this heavily in my life. We walked around for as long as we could to get some fresh air but we all got a bit too cold and the lads got a bit happy with the snowballs, so we went back to the apartment one final time before making our way to the airport. 

Michael James Taylor - Bearded Couture

I wish I could have stayed in Norway for longer as it was beautiful and we all had so much fun. If you want to take a look at a few more pictures from my holiday, you can see them here. I wonder where my next adventure will take me? I heard it might be Denmark!!