Saturday, 14 March 2015

To be sure, to be sure - My trip to Dublin, Ireland

When I was younger I used to hate flying. My ears popped so bad that I couldn't hear for days after. However, now I love it and this year I have decided to go on as many holidays as possible to try to see the world and (finally) get cultured.

When my boyfriend suggested to go to Dublin for a weekend I was very game. I have always wanted to go to Ireland to mingle with the Irish, drink Guinness and find those pesky leprechauns. We found a really nice apartment on Airbnb (which you can find here and would highly recommend) close to central Dublin. It was perfect. Flights were quite expensive but that was my fault leaving it too long to book.

We got there fairly late on Saturday night so we just went to sleep. Boring I know, but woke up early on Sunday, had brunch and went to Dublin Zoo. If you are friends with me, you will know that I love a good zoo. I was a bit disappointed though as a lot of the animals were hiding/have escaped or something as we didn't see many. 

Bearded Couture

Once we had finished we went to Phoenix Park to see the Wellington Monument and then ventured onto the Guinness Storehouse. I love alcohol so this is the perfect place for me. We walked around, found out how Guinness was made, then discovered the tasting rooms and that you could pour your own pint. Perfect, any excuse for a drink. I used to work in a bar so obviously I was a pro.

Bearded Couture

Bearded CoutureBearded Couture

After this, we went for a really nice meal and decided to see what Dublin night life was like. It lived up to expectations as I was hammered. Too much Guinness, Jameson and live bands to get my size 7 feet dancing. 

Bearded CoutureBearded Couture

Needless to say I felt like crap the next day, but we got up (somehow) went for lunch and ventured to the Leprechaun Museum. I was hanging at this stage but this place was great. There were huge pieces of furniture to climb on and we heard lots of tales about Ireland's history. Didn't see any real leprechauns though...

Bearded Couture

As we were so hungover we decided to get a Chinese and go home but the Chinese was rubbish so we just watched Land Before Time on Netflix and fell asleep. Tuesday came around very quickly and it was time to go home. I loved Dublin and will definitely be going back at some point.

I did notice though that you Irish love a good Spar shop and you have a lot of seagulls.