Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Where does it all begin?

It begins here.

Hey guys, welcome to my new blog. I just wanted to thank all of my fans... lol jks.

This blog will be all about my champagne party lifestyle in London on a beer budge. You will find blog posts about fashion, outfits, days out, holidays, cooking & more but to start with, here is a little bit about me. 

1) Full Name: Michael James Taylor
2) Age: 24
3) Job: Content Strategist
4) Favourite Beverage: Ermm cider and black or a solero cocktail
5) Coffee or Tea: Chai tea?
6) Favourite City: Amsterdam
7) Describe Yourself in Three Words: Outgoing bearded perfectionist 
8) Safety Outfit: Black Vans, grey socks, skinny black jeans, white tee and a denim jacket 
9) Strange Fact That Few People Know About You: I was once in a Spice Girls dance club when I was 6...
10) I Started Blogging Because: I have wanted to for a few years and after several attempts, now is the time

I hope you enjoy stalking my life and feel free to get in touch - I love to chat!


Bearded Couture