Thursday, 30 April 2015

How to make homemade sushi rolls

Last weekend I finally got around to making homemade sushi and it actually wasn't as hard as I thought! The boyfriend and I ventured to Sainsbury's to buy the tools and ingredients (minus the pre-purchased avocado and soy sauce) which came to just under £17.00: 

How to make homemade sushi rolls - Bearded Couture

Yutaka Sushi Rolling Mat - £1.99, Yutaka Sushi Rice - £1.99, Yutaka Sushi Nori - £1.79
Yutaka Sushi Ginger - £1.99, Garlic Paste - £1.20, Whole Cucumber - £0.45
Chicken Fillets - £4.50, Smoked Salmon - £3.00

How to make homemade sushi rolls - Bearded Couture

We found that preparing these homemade sushi rolls took a lot longer than eating them, so make sure that you have put plenty of time aside for this.

Step 1: Empty the sushi rice into a bowl and wash thoroughly. Repeat this process 3 to 4 times to remove all of the excess starch.
Step 2: Place all the sushi rice into pan, add 660 ml of hot water and simmer for 10 - 15 minutes.
Step 3: Whilst the rice is cooking, start to prepare the filling. Chop up avocado and cucumber into long strips and fry up the chicken using garlic infused olive oil. Once cooked, leave to cool. 
Step 4: Take the cooked sushi rice off the heat and leave to stand for 30 minutes. The rice will soak up the remaining water and also cool down during this time.
Step 5: Season the sushi rice by folding in 3 tbsp of rice vinegar, 2 tbsp of sugar and 1 tbsp of salt.

Once all of this is complete, you will then be ready to start making the sushi rolls.

Step 1: Place a sheet of sushi nori onto the sushi mat (shiny side down) and spread the seasoned rice over three quarters of the nori. Ensure the layer is around ½ cm thick and pushed to the edges.
Step 2: Smear a little bit of garlic paste across the rice for extra flavour.
Step 3: Horizontally place the filling in the middle of the rice. This could include smoked salmon and avocado or chicken and cucumber.
Step 4: Start to roll the sushi mat away from you, pressing lightly with both hands. Once the filling is completely wrapped, seal the edges by running a damp finger along the nori to stick it together.  
Step 5: Using a sharp knife, cut the sushi into the sizes of your choice.
Step 6: Serve with pickled ginger, soy sauce and ENJOY.

How to make homemade sushi rolls - Bearded Couture

How to make homemade sushi rolls - Bearded Couture

It took us some time to master how much sushi rice you needed and the roll itself, so don't get annoyed if they aren't right the first time around. As you can see, ours varied in size but they all tasted great. Obviously mine were better than Luke's but shh.. Don't tell him.

For all my Japanese readers - 楽しむ!!