Tuesday, 14 April 2015

I'm a lucky, lucky boy

I am not one for PDA or talking about relationships online but I think this one deserves a little mention. These last two and a half weeks have been long but well worth the wait. 

Recently, my boyfriend went back to Australia to see his family and take full advantage of the Easter holidays. Even though he was on the other side of the world, he hadn't forgotten about little old me. Last week, I received a special surprise at work when a big bouquet of pink tulips turned up for me in the post *blushes*. Reception rang my work phone and said that they had some flowers for me downstairs. I was very confused. "Flowers? For me? Are you sure?". They were beautiful and I couldn't stop smiling. It was the cutest thing anyone has ever done for me.

Bouquet of Pink Tulips - Bearded Couture

Pink Tulips and Homeware - Bearded Couture

But that was not the only surprise he had in store, oh no. He told me that he was arriving at Heathrow around 22:30 on Friday so I decided this was my chance to surprise him instead. I spent the whole day watching his flight online but no, he was one step ahead.

My best friend had organised to meet me for dinner after work but I was 100% unaware of the real reason why. I was ringing and ringing my mate to ask where he was but he wasn't picking up. Two seconds later, I heard someone say my name so I turned around and my boy was stood behind me. I nearly cried. I totally was not expecting that! I thought the flowers were a great surprise but this topped it all. My best friend and my boyfriend are very sneaky.

He brought me presents and treated me to dinner at Rex & Mariano, an amazing seafood restaurant in Soho where we drank Prosecco, ate lots of fish and had the best catch up. Bliss.

The next day we placed bets on the Grand National and went to watch the Boat Race in Putney with lots of my friends. It was meant to be a quiet one but it ended up getting very messy in a Thai restaurant drinking fish bowls of 'Sex in the Jungle' ...

Friends and Boyfriends - Bearded Couture

I am very blessed to have some great friends and an amazing boyfriend. Life is good.

Thongs, singlets and fang a u bolt.