Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Life as a model - Interview with FM London's Lottie Benson

I first met good friend and model Lottie Benson in 2011 when she moved into my student house at uni in Bristol. It was love at first sight. I have been so excited to collaborate with her for this post and find out what being a model is really like. Lottie is currently with FM London management and I wish her all the luck in the future.

1) How did you get into the modelling industry?
I was first scouted when I was younger but was silly and shy but as I got older I started to do a bit of Freelance work and then walked into an agency!

2) Do you take it personally when you're rejected for a job?
No, I don't at all. You go to so many castings - I forget which ones I've been to by the end of the week. It just makes it even nicer when you do get booked :) 

3) How do you cope with the huge pressures the industry puts on models to stay thin?
I think it is different for every model as build/genetics/metabolism and all sorts come into play.  It takes a lot of dedication and commitment physically and mentally to stay in shape, which for me personally consists of a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise, which I enjoy. 

4) What is it like being backstage at a shoot or catwalk show?
Depends on the job and whether things are running on time! Some shoots are minimal make up so you get on and shoot lots, some times you're in hair and make-up for hours. Then styling, and re-styling. Sometimes the photographer may know exactly what they're looking for and get the shot quickly and sometimes its all trial and error, experimenting with what looks good. Every job is completely different which is what makes modelling so fun. 

5) Is modelling as glamorous as it looks?
It's glamorous in the sense that you can be wearing beautiful clothes and amazing make up.. and also the lifestyle can be glamorous. But It also can be hard work with really long days running around lots of castings come rain or shine, doing lots of jobs for no or little payment.

6) What has been your favourite magazine to model for?
My favourite would be A shoot for Vice magazine where I had to dress up as Robert Downey Jr's character in the film  'Less then zero' who was a dying crack addict or an eyeliner beauty story with squiggly lines I did for I:D online.

7) Are there any funny stories from any of your shoots or shows?
Always, I'm so clumsy and always say and do stupid things. Walked in to walls, fallen down stairs. Acting castings are the funniest for me, as I am so so awful and get so red and flustered. Pretending to be a crack addict on a come down for a shoot was quite funny as was rolling round a hay field in the TINIEST fluffy lime green bikini for another one.

8) What are your future plans?
Nothing in concrete, I'm just enjoying trying this out. Hopefully i'll be able to travel with it soon and find some sunshine!

Life as a Model - Lottie Benson - Bearded Couture
Photo from The Arcadia Online

You can find more pictures from Lottie's portfolio on FM London here.

When will I get scouted? *sigh*