Tuesday, 7 April 2015

My Easter Bank Holiday Weekend

I have had one of the most relaxing bank holidays in a long time. Normally I would go out and get drunk from Thursday to Sunday but this year was different. Maybe I am getting old.

On the Thursday we got to leave work at 16:00 accompanied by an Easter egg (YES) so I took full advantage and went straight to the pub for a few drinks with my work friends. After that, I went home and got ready to partyyyyy with my boys. They wanted a little feature so you can follow them all on Twitter using the links below haha.

Easter Egg - Bearded CoutureGAY Porn Idol Friends - Bearded Couture

GAY Porn Idol Courtney Act - Bearded CoutureIdeal Home Show 2015 - Bearded Couture

We ended up going to Porn Idol at G-A-Y as Courtney Act was head judge. I do have other pictures of the night but they are not really suitable for my blog as they contain pictures of people getting naked on stage and frolicking around a pole. I will leave that to your imagination. When I woke up on Friday I was a total mess so I stayed in bed and watched more episodes of Lost. I have now watched 4 series in 9 days. That is 90 episodes and 4,050 minutes of my life dedicated to it. I am addicted. Anyway, on Saturday ginger Dave and I went to the Ideal home show which I posted about yesterday and you can read here. I literally had the best day and can't wait to go again.

Sunday my day sorting out my room to find homes for all of my new homeware purchases, eating chocolate, writing posts and sorting out my blog. It was really nice to do nothing for once as my boyfriend hates sitting around but he had no say as he is in Australia right now mwahaha. Finally on Monday, I spent this with more friends and went out to Vapiano for pizza, the way to any man's heart, and the rest of the day uploading 27 items to eBay. That took a long time.

Blogging - Bearded CoutureClothes For eBay - Bearded Couture

For May bank holiday, I will be in France. I hope.