Sunday, 5 April 2015

Pretty Little Liars Theory - #CharlesIsA

Pretty Little Liars #CharlesIsA - Bearded Couture

5 years. 5 seasons. 120 episodes. 5280 minutes. The #bigA reveal has left us with more questions than answers. In true Pretty Little Liars style, we as viewers are wondering who the hell is Charles Dilaurentis?

The series finale revealed to us that A is a male and is related to Alison. Past flashbacks have led us to believe that this relative is Alison's twin sister. In one specific flashback we see two identical looking blonde girls fighting over a doll. Another flashback showed a young Alison discovering two identical dresses hidden in the piano with Mrs D encouraging Alison to lie about it to Mr D. But why did Mrs D not want Mr D to find out?

In the finale "Welcome to the dollhouse", Spencer sees a home video of Mrs D with baby Alison and not one, but two brothers. We can only assume that one is Jason but who is the other and how does Jason not remember? What does this have to do with the identical blonde girls in Alison's flashback?

Upon first watch of the home video, the boys and their clothing look identical. But on closer inspection, one has pink shoe laces and the other has blue. Normally with young children boys are generally dressed in blue and girls are dressed in pink. Why would the writers choose to do this?

What if Jason's twin is that little girl from the flashbacks? Picture this. Mrs D has an affair with Mr Hastings to have twins Jason and Charles. Soon after Mrs D has another child with Mr D, Alison. Having his first child, Mr D started to favour his own blood rather than his other two children. Charles becomes jealous of Alison from such a young age and wants to be like her. This could explain the doll flashbacks and why there were two dresses in the piano scene, as the second was for him.

During the "Welcome to the dollhouse" episode, Charles makes the girls recreate a prom night from a few seasons ago. The theme is set to the year Ian and Melissa were prom king and queen. If Charles is actually Jason's twin, this would have been the prom he would have attended. He makes Mona (dressed as Alison) the prom queen and re-enact the scene as if he were in her place.

Now where has Charles been all his life? He became so insanely jealous over Alison that he goes to live with their grandma. Alison wasn't close to her grandma until later in her life when her mother becomes controlling which by this time, Charles' became psychotic and got taken to Radley.

Mrs D joins the directors board to watch her son's progress. While there, he becomes close to Bethany Young and pretends to be Alison which is how Bethany is able to draw pictures of Alison even though she has never actually met her. 

The night of Ali's murder, Charles and Bethany escape to kill her. Mrs D is frantically on the phone, talking about an escape and how they need to send somebody soon. Mrs D sees Alison get hit from behind in the backyard and buries her to protect Charles from jail and sends him back to Radley. After Mona is revealed as A and got sent to Radley, Charles learns her ways and takes over the A game, blackmailing others to help him.

But who exactly is Charles? Writer Marlene King has teased that it is a face we have seen throughout the show which suggests that it may not be a male we have been expecting. This is where the theory gets a little foggy and sceptical. Bar Mona, who is close to the girls, yet has always hated Alison?


Paige has always hated Alison for the way she treated her, even calling her pig skin when she arrived at school. Once Alison was off the scene, Paige tried so hard to get noticed by Emily, trying to drown her. Psychotic? Ever since, Paige tried to become accepted by the other girls, often offering to help A. On the night of the ghost train in season 3, she gained the girls trust by helping Spencer with A.

If Charles has had sexual realignment surgery, wouldn't it make sense for her to be a girl with a strong presence like Paige? She's not exactly the most girly of girls.

Bring it on Marlene King.