Thursday, 23 April 2015

To beard or not to beard?

As my blog is titled 'Bearded Couture', I thought it was about time that I actually posted something related to beards. Now, there has always been a debate whether guys look better with or without facial hair so I have decided to settle this once and for all.

Bearded Couture - Beard, stubble or clean shaven?
Photo from MeMD Blog

Since the age of 17, I have always had some form of facial hair to try and make myself look a bit older and get into nightclubs. I decided to grow what is known as a 'chin strap' with an added mustache and it was far from stylish. Luckily, as I grew up and my style changed, I grew this out and started to grow manly stubble. Grrr. Since then, I haven't actually shaved once. I bet you are all thinking "but how has it stayed the same length?!" Well the answer to this question, which I do often receive, is to trim. Shock. 

My stubble has varied in length over the years but now I tend to trim it every two weeks. As you can probably guess, I am not the most rugged guy around and like to keep myself looking pristine. I personally prefer having a beard as it gives a more rugged and manly persona. If I didn't have one, I think I would look a bit odd and potentially, a bit girly.

I think it is pretty obvious that beards have huge sex appeal and it expresses that the man is masculine, rugged and more dominant in the bedroom. I guess it dates back to the Stone Age with cavemen. Not that I am attracted to cavemen. It also add more definition to your face and gives the impression that the bearded hunk is trendy, older, sophisticated and a bit of a bad ass. Come on. Everyone likes a bad boy.

Bearded Couture - Beard, stubble or clean shaven?
Photos from Cosmopolitan

Not only do beards make you look sexier, they actually have added health benefits. WHO KNEW?

1) Glowing skin - As you aren't using that nasty razor and lowering your chances of skin irritation, you will find that your skin will be soft and covered in a lovely beard, which produces its own natural moisture. It also helps to hide acne scars and facial rashes.

2) Sun protection - Beards can block 95% of UV rays, enabling your skin to stay looking younger for longer, limit wrinkles and prevent the most common types of skin cancer.

3) Reduced allergy symptoms - Those pesky, thick nose hairs act as a filtration system to reduce the amount of pollen or allergies entering your airways.

Bearded Couture - Beard, stubble or clean shaven?Bearded Couture - Beard, stubble or clean shaven?

I mean, how could you kick Ben Dahlhaus above out of bed?

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