Monday, 20 April 2015

What does your bedroom say about you? *

Have you ever heard the saying ‘tidy room, tidy mind’? Well, your bedroom can say much more about you than that! From the colour palette to the furnishings, the eye of an interior designer can decode your decorating to see what person lives between the four walls. You might not design your room to give off this specific idea, but your subconscious guides you to elements that say more than ‘ooh, doesn’t that look nice?’

Recently, I was contacted Samuel Charles Interiors who wanted to find out exactly what my room said about me. So they took a peek behind my bedroom door to uncover exactly who I really am. 

"Looking at Michael’s modern room, you instantly gain plenty of positive vibes. Light wooden furnishings, colourful bedding and a decent-sized space to customise exactly how he wants, there’s lots going on. 

Bedroom Home Interior Design - Bearded Couture

One thing we noticed was the emphasis on lighting. Light wooden furnishings, beautiful fresh flowers and reflecting white walls, yet the curtains are closed! 

Those big beautiful windows should be used to illuminate the room to its full potential. Brighter coloured curtains would invite the sunrays into your room for a seamless transition. The darker curtains currently create a black halo around your windows, taking away part of the sunshine. If you’re concerned about the lighter mornings disrupting your sleep, keep an eye out for a heavier fabric and maybe even give yourself a little DIY project to make a new set yourself!

The mirror propped up against the wall would also bounce the light rays around your room, offering extra illumination to make the space seem even bigger than it actually is. It may seem like a subtle change, but it could make a huge difference.

We noticed a few photos placed around the room. You could display them more prominently if you made use of your walls. If you’re concerned about making holes in the walls with nails, how about using adhesive picture hooks? You could easily create your own little gallery to give your room that extra personal touch.

Family & friend murals are a lovely homely addition to any room. Whether you stick photos straight on your wall, or go all out with a complete mural; you’re bound to enrich your mornings with positivity if you are surrounded by your family and friends.

Your wardrobe suggests you’re tidy, but you’re no clean freak! It portrays a steady balance of someone in a comfortable routine, but who isn’t lazy with their storage. You’re prepared for the day with a station devoted to getting ready. This would lead us to assume that your personal appearance is something you care about and you know how to take care of yourself. The efficiency of this practical section of your room also suggests that you’re a 9-5 professional.

Bedroom Home Interior Design - Bearded Couture

Bedroom Home Interior Design - Bearded Couture

We absolutely love the mixture of textures around the room. From the furry rug to the animal print bed throws, this mixture of finishes creates real depth. Bringing warmth to your cosy abode, these also offer a touch of luxury to your room that shows you’re a man of both comfort and style.

We love the fresh interior you've created. The overall look is fantastic and really shows your true colours!"

Well, I think that is pretty accurate and a few things that were pointed out are actually on my to-do list. Cheers Samuel Charles Interiors.