Friday, 29 May 2015

Are you GAY beach body ready?

Around the same time every year, I always have the same dilemma. Do I need to lose weight? Will I look like a beached whale? Do I need to tone up? What will everyone else think of my body?  

Going on a gay holiday, especially to a pride event, adds extra pressure to ensure that you look your best. I always start off really motivated with aims of joining the gym to tone up and shifting my beer belly ready for my holiday later on in the year. However, it always trails off and I end up giving into pints of lager and 2 piece chicken meals from the chicken shop which isn't going to help.

But I want to ask the question, with more homosexuals attracted to 'muscular gym going straight acting lads' and the added pressure to take care of yourself and look your best, why can't you be comfortable in your own skin?

Are you GAY beach body Ready? - Bearded Couture
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Now, I don't mean that you become so comfortable that you become unhealthy and overweight. I mean that you are confident enough to walk around with your top off, despite these areas that you are self-conscious about and forget about other people's opinions. They are probably not even thinking it anyway. I personally have never been extremely happy with my body and always thought that I would look stupid if I got too muscular as I am quite petite and have a small head which would look out of place. 

The main area that I am unhappy with, is what I call my pouch. I have tried to shift my belly for years but always end up giving up as it doesn't seem to disappear. Before my holiday last year, I tried a soup diet for 6 weeks where I ate fruit for breakfast and soup for lunch and dinner. I felt great at the time but looking at pictures after, I ended up getting a bit too skinny and possibly looked like a whale carcass instead of the beached version. Even one of my friends who saw me a month after my holiday told me I looked better after putting more weight on.

I do think that weight can be seen differently for different sexualities which makes me laugh at the picture below from American Dad as it is so true. 

Are you GAY beach body Ready? - Bearded Couture
Picture from @tyleroakley

I am sure that many of you have heard about the new dad bod craze. If not, it is a man who goes to the gym sometimes but still drinks larger and eats chicken wings and pizza. Basically, beer bellies are in. So, with less than three weeks until I am sat on a hot beach in Sigtes, I am just going to carry on with my normal life, drinking at the pub but eating healthier.. And maybe staying away from bread to de-bloat haha.

I know I am not overweight and I am happy in my own skin. I hope you are happy too!