Tuesday, 30 June 2015

London Gay Pride 2015

Last weekend was London Gay Pride. My second pride this year after attending Sitges 2 weeks ago, which you can read about in the next few days. Sadly, not all of my boys could make it this year but I also got to spend it with my boyfriend which made it all better.

We arrived at Piccadilly Circus around 1pm to get ourselves a good spot for the parade but we were very early. The parade didn't reach us until around 2pm. To fill the time, we grabbed lots of booze from Tesco and started to drink the day away. I hadn't eaten that much so far, so one cider went to my head a bit.

London Gay Pride Pictures 2015 - Bearded Couture

Eventually the parade came and it was fabulous. I love pride because it allows everyone be exactly who they want to be, whether it be straight, lesbian, bi, gay, trans, queer, intersex or asexual. Everyone was in one place celebrating the same thing. What made the day even better was the announcement that same-sex marriage is now a legal right across the USA. YEAHHH.

London Gay Pride Pictures 2015 - Bearded Couture

London Gay Pride Pictures 2015 - Bearded Couture

Friday, 26 June 2015

Men's body grooming guide to manscaping with Remington *

For me, there are three types of men in the world. Ones who embrace their hairy body, those who have little/no hair and finally, men who manscape. Like me. Guys manscape for a number of reasons for example cosmetic purposes, to get a bit more body confident and even sports... Yes, manscaping isn't just all about trimming the lower regions. Well, kinda.

I am partial to a bit of body hair (as you can tell from my previous post) but it can be a pain to many. However, there is good news, you can sort it out! From a guy waxing his chest to plucking his eyebrows and trimming his privates, manscaping can take place all over the body. Personally, I remove my body hair by trimming and for years, I have used clippers. I bet many men shuddered at that but I had got very good at using them.. I should have become a barber.

Men's body grooming guide to manscaping - Bearded Couture
Picture from Next Luxury

Recently, I was contacted by Remington, who asked if I would like to review their new Delicates and Body Hair Trimmer. I jumped at the chance as my clippers were about to die and I have wanted one of these for ages. 

This little beauty has been specifically designed for men who require a specialist intimate body-grooming tool. Using Comfort-tip blades, the trimmer offers security to ensure you don't cut yourself during its use. It is great for those secret manscapers out there as it can be used in the shower and once charged, it lasts for 60 minutes. Plenty of time for a full body trim. It is also accompanied by three grade attachments to help blend or trim areas to a desired length.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Neutral Coloured Menswear Wishlist - Zara UK

A few months ago, I was all for wearing black on black on black. As you could imagine, my wardrobe wasn't the most colourful but I never really struggled to find something to wear. These days I am all for wearing neutral colours layered upon on each other. Whether this be different shades of white, grey, cream, beige or the odd pastel, it is a great look during the summer months and helps to emphasise your tan.

Recently I have fallen in love with Zara. I know I am a very late starter to this high street brand but it never really suited me before. They have a great range of menswear and if you live or work in central London, you are lucky enough to have around 5 of these stores between Tottenham Court Road and Bond Street. What more could you want? Quite dangerous on the bank account though.

Zara UK Menswear Summer Winter Wishlist - Bearded Couture

Striped linen t-shirt - £19.99 Jacket - £29.99

Monday, 1 June 2015

Jamie Oliver Recipease Mexican lesson review - Notting Hill

A few weeks ago, the boyfriend and I decided that we wanted to do a cooking lesson. I have always wanted to do something like this, so when Luke found a Groupon deal for Jamie Oliver's Recipease Mexican street food in Notting Hill, we booked it there and then. If you book online, the lessons cost £45 per person however, we paid £22.50 each - absolute steal!!

Jamie Oliver Recipease Mexican lesson review - Notting Hill - Bearded Couture

Four of us ended up going to the cooking lesson which started at 19:00 sharp. We were greeted with glasses of champagne from our great host, Rachael who was a great chef and very patient with everyone. She told us that we would be making hand pressed soft corn tortillas, sticky smoked chipotle chicken, sautéed spinach with herbs and feta cheese, and a spicy roasted corn salsa. To accompany this, we were also making Jamie’s smashed guacamole and a chunky tomato salsa.. It's making my mouth water again just thinking about it!

Jamie Oliver Recipease Mexican lesson review - Notting Hill - Bearded Couture

Jamie Oliver Recipease Mexican lesson review - Notting Hill - Bearded Couture