Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Neutral Coloured Menswear Wishlist - Zara UK

A few months ago, I was all for wearing black on black on black. As you could imagine, my wardrobe wasn't the most colourful but I never really struggled to find something to wear. These days I am all for wearing neutral colours layered upon on each other. Whether this be different shades of white, grey, cream, beige or the odd pastel, it is a great look during the summer months and helps to emphasise your tan.

Recently I have fallen in love with Zara. I know I am a very late starter to this high street brand but it never really suited me before. They have a great range of menswear and if you live or work in central London, you are lucky enough to have around 5 of these stores between Tottenham Court Road and Bond Street. What more could you want? Quite dangerous on the bank account though.

Zara UK Menswear Summer Winter Wishlist - Bearded Couture

Striped linen t-shirt - £19.99 Jacket - £29.99
Zara UK Menswear Summer Winter Wishlist - Bearded Couture

Faded effect t-shirt - £12.99 Chinos with belt - £29.99
Basic piqué shorts - £17.99 Linen t-shirt - £17.99

I wanted to share a few gems and statement pieces that work for this look within my current favourite colour range. I have a few of these garments myself and just a tip, if you are to buy the basic piqué shorts, wear white boxers underneath - they are kind of see through. 

The total for all of these comes to £176.92 which I think is actually quite affordable for 8 items of clothing. It's definitely a lot cheaper than my ASOS menswear summer fashion wishlist!

What do you think about neutral toned clothing? Would you wear any of these items?