Monday, 27 July 2015

Bluebeards Revenge Blogger Challenge #manliestofmanes *

Bluebeards Revenge Blogger Challenge - Bearded Couture

Bluebeards Revenge have just released a brand new range of hair-styling products which has caused a bit of a stir in the world of male grooming. They recently contacted me to see if I would like to put these products to the test and take part in an exclusive blogger challenge which I happily accepted.

The problem I have is that my hair is that it is very straight. For many girls out there, this would be an absolute dream but it causes me a lot of unnecessary hassle and I can spend a lot of time faffing around before leaving the house. Bluebeards Revenge kindly sent me three products to try from their new range including Pomade, Matt Paste and Matt Clay.

The first one I tried was Pomade. This hair product had a jelly like consistency and I was surprised that it was very easy to work with. I decided to go for more of a slick hairstyle with this product, as it gave a high-shine finish and lasting hold for a sharp, yet structured style.

Bluebeards Revenge Blogger Challenge - Bearded Couture

The second product that I used was the Matt Paste which was my favourite out of the three. I have used a similar product to this before and knew that it worked well with my hair. The paste gave my hair a lot of texture and provided that necessary volume which it naturally lacks. I didn't even have to try very hard with this product to get a style that I was happy with which is always a bonus (and also saves a lot of time)!

Bluebeards Revenge Blogger Challenge - Bearded Couture

Finally, the last product that I used the Matt Clay. Initially, I thought that this would be the thickest and hardest to work with, but it turned out to be very lightweight with a great hold. I could also play around with the style for quite a bit of time after without my hair going bitty like other hair products that I have used.

Bluebeards Revenge Blogger Challenge - Bearded Couture

Overall, I loved using these products and I can't wait to try them again and mix up my style at work this week. You can find out more about these products online here. They also have a wide range of other male grooming products so make sure you check them out. Their beard oils are on point.