Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Joe&Johns Pocketbags - An ethical clothing enterprise *

I am really, really excited about this new collaboration. Recently, I was contacted by Joe&Johns, an ethical clothing enterprise who have created the Pocketbags. Pocketbags, are a detachable, Indian inspired garment pocket which can be swapped and changed to allow the wearer to mix up their look with ease. The great thing about this company, which stands above other new businesses, is that for every pocket sold, the founders Joe and John will provide a child in India with a school bag, helping to give back to the country which inspired them.

How lovely is that?

Joe&Johns Pocketbags Ethical Clothing Charity - Bearded Couture

I just wanted to give you a bit of background information about how the company was formed and also to let you know that they have kindly offered to provide a t-shirt and one of the Pocketbags as a competition prize on my blog! Keep an eye out as this will be live in the next few weeks!

Joe and John were inspired to make a difference after a spontaneous trip to India where they swapped their home comforts for rucksacks. During their trip, they found themselves on a sleeper train where they met a young brother and sister begging for food and small amounts of money.

After sharing their food with the young family, they spent the rest of the train ride talking and playing games with the children. But as the journey continued, reality hit home. The children were just 5 and 7 years old and the difference between these children’s lives and of many of those back in England were incomparable. Children of this age should be enjoying their life without a care in the world, however it was evident not all children had this luxury.

Joe&Johns Pocketbags Ethical Clothing Charity - Bearded Couture

They asked themselves what they could do to make a difference. They decided that volunteering would enable them to improve the lives of many children in India. Inspired by that train journey, Joe started volunteering with NGOS and care organisations whilst continuing to travel across the vast country. Whilst travelling and volunteering, Joe was reminded of an idea he had before going to India - a transferable pocket which would be attached to clothing, allowing the consumer to change their whole look by the removal or addition of one pocket.

With that thought, the business was created. Joe and John decided to call them Pocketbags and began to create designs which reflected the journey and inspirations they encountered whilst in India. These designs include pockets depicting the Taj Mahal and elephants, on materials such as Denim which have all been ethically made.

Joe&Johns Pocketbags Ethical Clothing Charity - Bearded Couture

Joe&Johns believe that every child in the world should be entitled to an education as a basic human-right. For each Pocketbag that is purchased, a less fortunate child in India will receive a school-bag filled with the essential tools they need for the classroom. Joe&Johns are “in business to Educate and Liberate children in need around the world, providing you with a cool ethically made product in exchange”. They aim to soon reach their first milestone by providing 300 bags for children in Goa.

I feel honoured to take part in this campaign and make sure to keep an eye out for the competition and spread the word!

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