Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Men's Winter Fashion - Christmas Partywear Guide

Winter is officially here. My thick coats, turtlenecks and woolly accessories have finally all come out of the closet and taken prime position in my winter wardrobe. Even though I probably have every shade of crew neck jumper going, I always find myself browsing the web on an evening, looking for this years statement coat, festive jumper or the perfect shirt for the work Christmas party.

I always find shopping for a work Christmas party outfit one of the most stressful things - even more stressful than a birthday outfit. What the hell am I meant to wear when work says 'smart casual'? Last year this exact situation happened. I turned up looking swarve in my trustworthy black turtleneck, some great fitting grey trousers and laced leather shoes where as some other guys took the term 'smart' very casually.

ZenithOptimedia Christmas Party - Bearded Couture

I always love dressing up for Christmas parties so when I heard that this year our it was 'dress to impress' I was rather happy. As I was browsing the internet the other evening, I came across a lookbook by Thomas Pink. They had some really nice statement pieces that would be great for any Christmas party, whether this be 'smart casual' or 'dress to impress'.

Mens Christmas Partywear Guide - Bearded Couture

This Fortune roll neck jumper is similar to what I wore last year and is great if you are going straight from the office to the party. PARTY NOTE: Wear deodorant, it may get hot.

Mens Christmas Partywear Guide - Bearded Couture

This really cute button cuffed Berdoe ski print shirt has the perfect winter vibe and is a complete wardrobe must have. PARTY NOTE: Team this with a navy blue or black jacket and some dark down leather boat shoes.

Mens Christmas Partywear Guide - Bearded Couture

Are you in the need of a tuxedo for your Christmas party this year? This double cuffed Marcella Stud evening shirt, Clarence Houndstooth bow tie and clip cummerbund is perfect for you. PARTY NOTE: Stand out from the crowd with a bold seasonal red or chequered / spotted tie.

Mens Christmas Partywear Guide - Bearded Couture

Fancy something a bit more bold? This double cuffed Needham ruffle shirt may not be for everyone, but the bright yellow will allow you to shine brightly like the Star of Bethlehem. PARTY NOTE: Team this up with dark colours like black trousers to ensure your outfit doesn't clash.

Now, your Christmas party outfit won't be complete until you have also purchased your new best friend this winter, a brand new coat. I have around 5 coats that I swap and change with all of my outfits with my two favourite styles are macs and bomber jackets. When I was doing some more online shopping, I came across another lookbook by Hardy Amies. They have some AMAZING coats of such a high quality and will be the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. 

Mens Christmas Partywear Guide - Bearded Couture

Mens Christmas Partywear Guide - Bearded Couture

What are your winter wardrobe heros? 

Have you bought your Christmas party outfit yet this year?