Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Andorra Skiing Holiday - The Ski Slope Is My Catwalk

Another day in the life of Bearded Couture, brings another adventure. This time, a 4 day long ski holiday in Andorra with 31 work colleagues and some of my nearest and dearest. WOO! But what could make this holiday even better I hear you ask? Well, it was all organised through work and it will probably be the cheapest skiing trip I will ever go on. 

Back in August 2015, a number of friends and I all signed up to our work ski trip. I had never been skiing before (apart from an awful dry slope attempt when I was 10 years old) but had always wanted to try this sport. After 7 longg months of waiting, the time had come. A few mates mentioned that they were going 'vintage' with their skiwear, but in true Mike style, I went one step further and borrowed my friends bright pink vintage ski suit. 

Andorra Skiing Holiday Vintage Pink Ski Suit - Bearded Couture

Teaming this up with a leopard print bag and bright blue scarf, I was definitely kitted out and couldn't be missed on the slopes. Needless to say, I got lots of comments, both negative and positive, but mainly the latter. I thought I looked great so I didn't care haha.

Anyway going back to the story, we flew out from Gatwick airport after a VERY traumatic experience at Easyjet's check in. Basically, we were told that all of our 32 seats were overbooked and we couldn't get on the flight. After having a panic attack that lasted nearly an hour (thank god we got there early) it was discovered that there was an error in the system and we were allowed through. We flew into Barcelona around 20:30 before quickly purchasing some sangria for our 4 hour coach journey to Andorra. Longgg. Most people fell asleep apart from my best mate Chrissie and I who listened to tunes and had a mini rave. We finally got to our apartments around 00:00 and decided to call it a night to ensure we were fresh in the morning for our first day skiing. 

Andorra Skiing Holiday - Bearded Couture
Before we went we purchased 6 hours of lessons, over a 3 day period, costing us £65 each. Absolute steal. I signed up the absolute beginners classes but got moved up to beginner after half an hour. Must have noticed I was such a pro. Our skiing instructor was the bomb. Funny, amazing teacher and also really good looking. Sorry Luke. On day one, the 6 of us in our group were taught the basics on the green slopes and we all became snowplough kings. After the two hours were up, we were left on our own. But carbs and a beer were the priority before our exercise continued. Our group stuck together as we were all pretty much on par with one another and got brave enough to try a bit of the blue slope. Cheeky. We finished skiing around 15:00 as we were all knackered and hit the après-ski. Beer really wasn't as cheap as we were told.

Andorra Skiing Holiday Apri Ski - Bearded Couture

After multiple refreshing pints, we hit the local Spar (unfortunately the kind that sells groceries) to stock up on booze and food before heading back to the apartment for a nap. For dinner we ate pizza, whilst listening to chart music and playing drinking games. Lets just say lots of Don Simón was consumed. We hit the town around 22:00 and the night was going amazing. Everyone was wasted and enjoying each others company. We decided to head to a club called 'Underground' when I had a homophobic attack in the toilet from some bald Welsh prick. I had never experienced this before and I got so upset that my night ended early. However, that wasn't the end for the Welsh guy. Oh no. Did you really think he would get away with this when I had 31 friends around me. Nah. He ended up being shouted out and left the club like a chicken. Mike - 1, Homophones - 0.

Drinking in Andorra Skiing Resort - Bearded Couture

After waking up, still a little bit shaken, my friends and numerous bacon sandwiches made me feel better. The ski suit went on and I was ready for day 2 on the slopes. After mastering the basics yesterday, our group were ready to face the blue slopes and learn how to parallel ski. Today's weather conditions weren't as great as the day before and after a few hours, the slopes started to turn really icy. My friend Chloe, or shall I say I, became victim to this when she went down a rather steep slope but couldn't stop, resulting in her colliding into me at some great pace, entwining her skis with mine, me being dragged for what felt like 2 minutes and falling flat on my face. As you probably guessed, I didn't feel as safe as yesterday, so I decided to call it a day around 14:30 as I didn't want to lose my confidence. After a quick nip to Spar again, I had stocked up on more Don Simón and it was time to go back to the apartment for another nap before CHEESE FONDUE.

Andorra Skiing Holiday Vinatge Pink Ski Suit - Bearded Couture

We had heard about this amazing restaurant which sold all you can eat cheese fondue for €19 each. This was something we couldn't resist. We literally consumed so much that we felt drunk. Not sure this is possible, but it happened (unless my Mojito was made of pure rum). After stumbling back to our apartment, we played drinking games again before heading out for a more successful night then the night before. And it was a success!

Cheese Fondue Andorra Skiing Holiday - Bearded Couture

After going to a few bars beforehand, we found this club called Billboard which played great music and was absolutely rammed. Don't really remember much apart from one of my friends deciding to crowd surf, jumping off the bar and falling to the floor. Fail. Also, someone else taking a bottle of rum from the bar which resulted in free drinks all night. SCORE. We got home around 3:30am and went straight to bed before our final day of skiing. 

Andorra Skiing Holiday - Bearded Couture

I actually felt quite fresh despite being extremely drunk the night before. It was the last day of our lessons and we were skiing with the big dogs on the red slopes. I was so impressed with how everyone had progressed over the holiday in such a short time period, and was gutted it was nearly over. We were so lucky that the weather conditions were perfect on our last day, the snow was light and powdery and there weren't as many people on the slopes. We found a slope that all of us really enjoyed, so we spent quite a lot of time here perfecting our skill and making the most of the last few hours. The last three runs we completed were our best ones yet, and we were all happy to call it a day whilst we were on a high. 

Andorra Ski Lift Skiing Holiday - Bearded Couture

After heading back to the apartment and another nap (yes, I am old) we went to this Brazilian restaurant for dinner with around 20 others. As a loyal Bridesmaid fan, I was obviously freaking out. The establishment offered a drink, 10 different meats and various sides for around €39 each. Someone had told us that it was €10 each beforehand, so not everyone was overly impressed. I wasn't really keen on the food and I swear some of it was under-cooked. They even bought out this huge piece of beef on a metal skewer which had been seared for like 2 minutes on each side. It looked as if it could still moo. Not joking. It was the definition of blue and dripped with blood. Nope, not for me.

Drinking in Andorra Skiing Holiday - Bearded Couture

This meal went on for quite some time but we ended up with some seriously strong shots and quite possibly, food poisoning. Anyway, we went back to the apartment for a few drinks for our last night and played cards against humanity in groups. I ended up winning for the first time. Finally, it has been confirmed that I am funny. There was only around 12 of us on the final night out as lots of people were boring and stayed in. Nonetheless, we probably had the best night of the whole trip. People falling over, licking cars, a bar to ourselves and an after party at the apartment. Legit, best night out.

The last day was a write off, I was literally so hungover. Never thought I'd say this but I couldn't wait for the 4 hour coach journey and flight back so I could sleep. I didn't get home until 1:00am and was so glad I booked a half day at work. 

Andorra Skiing Holiday With Friends - Bearded Couture

Someone please book my next ski holiday! P.S. we got papped on the slopes.