Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Our Icelandic Adventure in Reykjavik – Part 2

Welcome back. If you enjoyed reading ‘Our Icelandic Adventure in Reykjavik – Part 1', you are going to LOVE part 2. Where did I get up to? Oh yeah, icky Samantha who couldn’t hold down the bagel and coffee. Great start to the morning.

After a few more stops and an unnecessary purchase of some very expensive woollen socks, we started making good headway for day twos activities. First on the list was another waterfall in Thingvellir National Park, another beautiful, naturally formed waterfall in the Icelandic scenery. I am unsure whether I was still drunk or just Bambi on ice, but I was sliding around everywhere here. My very inappropriate footwear of trainers probably didn't help the situation. In my defence, I was rushed out the door when I got home from work and forgot to change my shoes. For anyone thinking of going soon, be sure to take hiking boots.

Thingvellir National Park Reykjavik, Iceland - Bearded Couture

Thingvellir National Park Reykjavik, Iceland - Bearded Couture

The second stop of day two’s self-directed tour was the Mýrdalsjökull Glacier. I was literally like a kid in a candy shop. This may sound sad to some, but I have wanted to see a glacier my whole life. It has been on the top of my bucket list for such a long. I think they are one of the most amazing formations around the world. When we parked up, it was around a 15 minute walk to the glacier, with a sign at the end saying ‘please don’t walk on the glacier without appropriate footwear or guidance’. Seriously, no one was going to stop me do this, not even my grip-less trainers.

Mýrdalsjökull Glacier Reykjavik, Iceland - Bearded Couture

Mýrdalsjökull Glacier Reykjavik, Iceland - Bearded Couture

We were probably the most annoying people on the glacier. We were running around like children, sliding down the banks and getting everyone to take photos of us. Those poor tourists. To top it off, my friend Emma, in her excitement, thought it would be a great idea to rugby tackle me to the ground and land on top of me. As I am sure you can guess, we landed on ice which ended up in me getting winded and bruising my rib. Nearly two weeks later, it still hurts. Cheers Emma, not the best idea you've ever made.

Mýrdalsjökull Glacier Reykjavik, Iceland - Bearded Couture

Mýrdalsjökull Glacier Reykjavik, Iceland - Bearded Couture

After an hour had passed, it was time for lunch well for those who could stomach it. We found this really cute café when we were on our way to stop number three and ate burgers. Exactly what I needed. After this and a quick nap, we arrived at Vík í Mýrdal, the ‘Black Sand Beach’. It was literally ice cold by the sea, with the wind so strong, it was nearly knocking me over. We didn’t stay long here as we were all frozen and the sun was setting, however, we did stay long enough to take plenty of amazing photos to prove we had been there.

Vík í Mýrdal Black Sand Beach Reykjavik, Iceland - Bearded Couture

 After another cheeky nap (the positives of not being able to drive hey) I woke up to find ourselves back at Reykjavik harbour where we came across an Elvis Presley American diner style restaurant. Exactly the food we were all craving. This time, the service was great. Couldn't fault the waitresses who were all cheery and happy to attend any of our needs. Sadly, I think I picked the duff meal from the menu. I decided to order the ribs but they weren't that nice and I ended up leaving half my meal. Everyone else though had empty places. Baddd food envy.

From here, we went back to the apartment for a quick rest before going to our final stop of the day, to see the Northern Lights. We were slightly worried that we wouldn’t see them, as the weather forecast was not really on our side. However, we were determined that we were going to see them. I mean you have to see the Northern Lights if you are in Iceland, right?

We got a tip from our waitress on where were the best places to see the lights. We ended up driving 15 minutes down the road from our apartment and after a few prays to Jesus (thanks Emma), god was on our side and there they were. The Northern Lights. They were dancing around in the sky in their green and purple coats. It was such a beautiful aurora to see for yourself. Something you would have read about, but never thought you’d see. We stayed for around 2 hours until tiredness kicked in and we all went home to sleep.

Northern Lights Reykjavik, Iceland - Bearded Couture

On our final day, we had a few our before our flight at 16:30. As we hadn’t been to see the town (apart from when we were drunk) we thought we would go see what it had to offer. As the walking tour was full, we decided to do our own. It probably wasn’t as successful but we got to see a beautiful church, Hallgrímskirkja Church and some more amazing views.

Sadly, our holiday soon came to an end and we had to drive back to the airport and give back the mumma van. I am so glad I had this opportunity to spend such a beautiful holiday with some amazing friends and would 100% go back again. I mean, we didn’t get to go whale watching! It was surprising how little we spent as well. In total I spent £170 over three days which included petrol, food, alcohol, gifts and more. Definitely worth every penny.

I hope you enjoyed reading about our Icelandic adventure. If you want to take a look at some more of our pictures from our holiday, you can find them here.

Reykjavik, Iceland - Bearded Couture

Over and out, Iceland.