Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Men’s Summer Fashion Trends - Style Tips for 2016

It wasn't so long ago that we were being treated to the joys of snow in April, and the sound of squelching under our feet. However, it seems as though spring has finally arrived and summer is only just around the corner.

While it is important to retain a sense of individuality and our own style, it doesn't hurt to keep up to date with the latest trends in fashion and allow them to influence and shape our own sense of style. It has recently been revealed by RetailDIVE that men are now spending more money on clothes and accessories than women, so now is a great time to start paying more attention to, and refining your sense of style. So, what summer fashion trends do us guys need to be aware of in 2016?

Mens Summer Fashion Trends - Style Tips 2016 Bearded Couture

1) The Baggier The Better
They were once the forte of skateboarders, but baggy trousers have been something of an outside trend for the last few years. However, 2016 has seen baggy trousers become increasingly popular, with designers embracing this style and turning their back on the ‘skinny’ look. This will be a music to the ears of men who have long been uncomfortable squeezing themselves into trousers that are a couple of sizes too small. If you are on the market for a new suit or pair of jeans this summer, then be sure to invest in a pair of trousers with a relaxed or slouchy cut. Personally, I will be staying with my trusty skinny jeans.  

Mens Summer Fashion Trends 2016 Baggy Jeans - Bearded Couture
2) Tear It Up
While tears and rips are certainly not something new to the fashion world, they are about to get a little bit more extreme. If you are into distressed jeans, then you will be glad to hear that they are about to become a lot more ripped, patched and cut to ribbons. Yes, they are set to become all but destroyed. The more extreme styles will not be for everyone, of course, but try to purchase some jeans that look little bit lived in this summer.

Mens Summer Fashion Trends 2016 distressed ripped teared Jeans - Bearded Couture

3) Keep It Retro
I have always been a fan of retro sunglasses, having around 4 pairs of retro/classic sunglasses myself in my own collection and luckily, this doesn't look as though this is going to change any time soon. It goes without saying that the more you are willing to pay for a pair of shades, the better they are going to be at protecting your eyes, with Ray Ban retro sunglasses being everyone's favourites. Ideally you should take your time when choosing your next pair of sunglasses and try to ascertain which style and size suits your face-shape the most. You don’t want to end up spending $$$ for a friend to tell you after that they don’t suit you. Awks.

Mens Summer Fashion Trends 2016 retro sunglasses - Bearded Couture

4) Stock Up On Those Greens
If you are fan of, or look rather dapper in green, then this is going to be an incredibly fashionable summer for you. Great news for me then! In recent years there has been a trend of wearing predominately greens from head to toe in the same shade. While green is set to stay, you can expect to see different shades of green combined together. If you are yet to delve into the delights of greenery, then you may want to begin with a few accessories such as socks or hats to ease yourself in.

Mens Summer Fashion Trends 2016 green outfit - Bearded Couture

5) It’s Going To Be Grey
No this isn't the latest prediction for the British weather this summer. Grey is actually going to be a key colour this year instead of the bright and garish colours usually associated with summer. 
You can expect to see a lot more subdued and neutral colours, which is good thing for most men due to the fact that most of us already have an abundance of this colour in our wardrobes. However, you should be looking to have a variety of different shades of grey and patterns mixed together. And be careful for those sweat patches. Grey isn't always the kindest colour to wear in the heat.

Mens Summer Fashion Trends 2016 neutral colours - Bearded Couture

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