Wednesday, 21 December 2016

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Xmas - From Parties to Jumpers

So it's starting to feel more and more like Christmas and the festivities are really taking their toll. Recently my diet has consisted of copious bottles of wine and many a roast dinner but who am I to complain?! They are two of my favourite things.

Last week I had two Christmas  parties (as well as two birthdays and a dinner). The first was my work Christmas party held at Tape. You know, that club where celebrities like my idol Justin Bieber tend to go in central London? Yeah, it was great. Probably the best Xmas party I have ever been too! There were so many glasses of  Bellinis and bottles of wines scattered around the club which mixed with some of my best mates, created lots of fun memories. There wasn't the standard photo booth this year, but instead a video booth. What I didn't know until after my video was taken, was that it was also being played on the big screen in the main room. Luckily, we weren't the most embarrassing employees...

My second party was with my Aussie family Christmas. Everyone brought some food and wine over to our house along with their best Christmas jumpers and secret Santa presents. As it was a Sunday, I didn't plan on getting that drunk but the booze and laughter flowed and I felt like I was topping up from the night before! Needless to say I was drunk by 5pm.

I'm always keen to get a new Christmas jumper each year, and luckily for me, this year BoohooMan contacted me and asked if I'd like to receive one! I found this really cute black, red and white traditional style Christmas jumper and instantly fell in love. It's quite thick too, perfect for those cold late nights at Winter Wonderland.

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Xmas - From Parties to Jumpers - Bearded Couture

Each one of my friends wore a different style Christmas jumper, kind of showing our style tribe! There were serious ones, traditional ones, ones with slothes and also the more comical, penis related ones. Classic friends, hey. BoohooMan has actually created this great tool which helps you pick which style is best suited to you! Why not give it a go and order the jumper best suited to you in time for Christmas Day!

I won't be wearing a Christmas jumper myself this year as I'll be sweating it out on a beach in Bali. Tapping out now and speak to you all in two weeks suckasss!!!

Merry Christmas one and all